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Copper Testing and Certification: Horizontal and vertical copper cable forms the bulk of today’s installed communications cabling, and has remained constant even as equipment and data rates have evolved. InstaLAN Systems provides plant testing and certification of your existing cable plant to current standards, and ensures that any new technology installed leverages your existing infrastructure while delivering maximum performance.

Fiber Testing: Optical fiber technology is the backbone cable of choice for data transmission, providing high bandwidth and exceptional resistance to most sources of interference. InstaLAN Systems tests your new or existing optical fiber cable to ensure the highest possible performance.

Troubleshooting: Problems with telecommunications systems can often result in lost revenues, decreased productivity and interruptions in service. InstaLAN System's extensive experience in locating, identifying and correcting telecommunications problems—from network slowdowns to entire network outages—ensures the reliability and efficiency of your telecommunications systems.

Test Result Documentation: With the increased sophistication of today’s cable infrastructures, standard and code compliance often requires printed or soft documentation of test results. InstaLAN Systems assists you in creating and maintaining a Cable Management System that includes components such as test databases, asset information and detailed connection information. This system is an invaluable resource in troubleshooting, planning and managing a structured cable system.

Remedial and Diagnostic Services: Updating your existing installation can be a daunting, complex task. InstaLAN Systems performs a complete diagnostic audit to help you take advantage of current technologies to increase efficiency, flexibility and bandwidth, while utilizing your existing communications investment.