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Design & Planning

Voice/Data/Video Security: A quality communications system design serves as the backbone for your company’s reliable, scalable and successful operations. InstaLAN System's design team ensures your infrastructure investment provides you with the security, reliability and efficiency you require today, and the flexibility to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Backbone Structures: As the name implies, backbone cabling is the most important structure in your site’s cabling infrastructure. InstaLAN Systems helps you ensure proper planning and installation of backbone cabling to provide you with the flexibility, growth and reliability you need.

TC / MC Design and Planning: In today’s rapidly changing world of network communications, planning for growth and flexibility is a primary concern. InstaLAN System's experienced team of designers review the options available to you in a structured cabling design, and tailor those options to best meet your current and future needs.

Labeling Standards: Accurate and easy identification of WAOs, equipment and terminations is fundamental to an efficient network environment. InstaLAN Systems formulates and implements identification standards that ensure consistent and understandable installations.

Multiple Site/Corporate Cabling Specs: Well-planned, consistent physical infrastructures dramatically reduce technical service problems and support requirements. InstaLAN Systems helps you define and implement a universal cabling scheme that provides maximum flexibility.

Coordination of Pathways/Spaces: The profusion of standards governing communications cabling are compounded by the bandwidth requirements of today’s modern-day equipment. InstaLAN Systems helps you maximize data integrity and performance, while ensuring your cabling infrastructure adheres to industry standards.

Campus Design: The complexities of communications cabling multiply in campus and other multi-building environments. InstaLAN System's extensive experience in multiple building installations provides you with a structured, cost-effective cable plan that provides maximum flexibility and effectiveness.