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Initial Build: A new construction site offers enormous opportunity to implement a well-planned communications infrastructure that will serve you well into the future. For your new building, InstaLAN Systems helps you design and install a communications framework that provides maximum efficiency and flexibility.

Moves/Adds/Changes: In today’s dynamic business environment, no network or organizational configuration stays static for long. InstaLAN System's qualified technicians are well versed in adapting or extending existing installations, while adhering to plant and standards specifications. With InstaLAN Systems, you can efficiently manage moves, additions and changes with minimal disruption to your business operations.

Replacement/Removal at Live Sites: Remodeling your communications network in an occupied site presents a unique set of challenges. Drawing on our experience with large-scale, occupied installations, InstaLAN Systems helps you anticipate these challenges and develop solutions. Working within your scheduling and design constraints, InstaLAN Systems completes your remodel project quickly and effectively.

Cut-Over Coordination: During a move or equipment migration, InstaLAN System's experienced personnel help you minimize downtime and user disruption. InstaLAN Systems takes the frustration out of moves of any size or description. If you’re planning a move, especially on a tight schedule, InstaLAN Systems helps you achieve a seamless transition.

Video Systems and Cabling: Procuring and distributing timely information is critical to business success. InstaLAN Systems works with your staff to design and build closed circuit and broadband systems that deliver pertinent information to your employees.

Paging Systems: Today’s increasingly mobile workforce—from sales to customer service to technical support personnel—need ways to stay in touch without restricting movement. InstaLAN Systems helps you implement paging systems that give your employees the mobility they need while allowing them to receive important updates and information.

Bonding and Grounding: Current standards and codes require that equipment and termination hardware be properly grounded for accurate, efficient transmissions. InstaLAN Systems evaluates your installation and, if necessary, helps you retrofit your equipment to ensure compliance.

Cabinets and Racks: Space management and equipment configuration designs must be made with connectivity, interoperability and cost considerations in mind. Draw on InstaLAN System's experience with a variety of cabinet and rack installations to implement a streamlined, economical cabinet and rack layout.

Seismic Bracing: Preventing damage to your equipment and infrastructure investment during a seismic event is an eventuality you should plan for now. InstaLAN Systems audits your existing installation and plans new sites with prevention in mind, ensuring the safety and dependability of your equipment.